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There's no better feeling than taking to the Minnesota waters and proudly displaying your fresh new wakeboard or wakesurf boat. You don't have to be embarrassed about being the oldest model on the Motley waters. At Faction Marine, we have knowledgeable dealers that can assist you in selecting the boat of your dreams. We've been serving the Motley neighborhood for years, and we've helped hundreds of clients discover the right wakeboard, wakesurf, or pontoon boat.

  • The Difference Between Two Watersports

    Wakesurf and wakeboard boats are used for comparable watersports that may be done for enjoyment or to improve physical fitness. Wakeboarding, on the other hand, differs by requiring the rider to hang onto a rope for the duration of the voyage while surfing. In contrast to wakesurfing, the surfer just utilizes the rope to get started and then lets it go, riding the Minnesota waves only on balance. Either watersport necessitated the use of a high quality boat capable of producing enormous wakes.

  • The Perfect Pontoon Boat

    When you buy a pontoon boat from Faction Marine, you're getting a watercraft that you can trust, no matter what form of water sports or jobs you're doing. The amazing thing about our new pontoon boats for sale is that they are prepared to accommodate a variety of boaters securely. We offer a big inventory to pick from, whether you intend on hitting the Motley waters alone or taking small children out for their first water adventure.

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