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In Minnesota, it might be difficult to find a used wakeboard or wakesurf boat for sale. However, with the assistance of our Faction Marine dealers, we make it simple. We have a vast fleet to pick from whether you're looking for a used wakeboard, wakesurf, or pontoon boat. With expert dealers ready to answer your every question, you can be certain that you're leaving with a boat that you're anxious to head out on the Glenwood waters in.

  • Enjoy a Worry Free Adventure on the Glenwood Waters

    Wakeboarding and wakesurfing are two watersports that are quite comparable. The main difference is that wakeboarding requires you to cling onto a rope the entire time. Wakesurfing, on the other hand, just utilizes the rope to get started till your balance is ready and you let go of the rope. It is critical that you use the right boat when participating in either watersport in Minnesota. Using any watercraft can result in injuries and fatalities that might have been prevented. With our broad selection of wakesurf and wakeboard boats, you can be confident that you'll find a safe watercraft to accompany you on your Glenwood excursions.

  • Enter the World of Pontoons

    Because pontoon boats are so distinct from other types of watercraft, it's critical to consider what Glenwood activities you'd like to pursue with your used boat for sale. Pontoon boats are distinguished by the presence of pontoons and their spacious deck. You may select from a variety of pontoon boat types. Allow Faction Marine to assist you in locating your next used boat for sale to take out on the Minnesota waterways.

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