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As a trusted dealer in Minnesota, Faction Marine is committed to offering you a transparent and fair boat trade in value. The boat valuation process involves various factors, and we understand that the complexity can leave you uncertain about the criteria companies in Minnesota use to determine your boat's worth. For example, the market values of various boat types and models differ significantly. A high performance wakeboard or wake surf boat is valued differently than a leisure focused pontoon boat. Our Minnesota team maintains transparency throughout the boat appraisal process, ensuring our clients get an honest evaluation of their boat.

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Do You Qualify to Trade Your Boat at Our Minnesota Dealership?

When working with our Minnesota team for your boat trade process, honesty about your boat's history is paramount. Our appraisers meticulously follow a checklist and evaluate various elements to determine your boat trade in value. Our comprehensive boat appraisal checklist includes questions about the age of your watercraft, frequency of use per week, the original purchase price, and the purchase date, among others. Overall, these questions play a pivotal role in capturing critical aspects of our Minnesota client's boat history, usage, and market context. They enable our Minnesota team to draft a comprehensive evaluation considering various factors, contributing to an accurate appraisal during your trade in.

Trade In Your Old Boat & Get Paid

Whatever the reason for upgrading your boat, our professional dealers in Minnesota are excited to take your old watercraft and pay you for it. Moreover, the financial return on your existing investment greatly helps when finding a new one. Here at Faction Marine, we provide our Minnesota clients with a boat trade in value they can feel confident about. Our process is straightforward and efficient, providing competitive value. This allows you to explore options that better suit your current lifestyle promptly. Trust our Minnesota experts to handle your boat appraisal, eliminating the hassle of moving across various locations and negotiating a better offer.

Expert Dealer of Tow Boats in Minnesota and North Dakota

If you are looking to invest in a new boat, Faction Marine has a fleet of options from the top brands in the market — including Centurion Boats and Supreme Boats. We also offer a host of used options for those on a tighter budget. We value building and maintaining long term relationships with our customers, which is why we offer brand-certified service and maintenance options to keep you on the water as much as possible. Check out our superior selection and experience our unparalleled customer care today!

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