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  • Location:Alexandria, Minnesota
  • Manufacturer:CROSSPOINT SURF
  • Year:2024
  • Status:

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  • 2024 CROSSPOINT SURF SERIES 9000 LB Description

    Lift includes: Lift, Hydraulic Motor, Pump, Fiberglass Dock Box, Solar Panel, Pendant Control, Wireless Remote 


    The CrossPoint Marine Co. Surf Series has been designed with the specific needs of the towboat market in mind.  Wake Surf boats are unique, and have specific lift requirements when it comes to lifting them.  Surf Series lifts come in both 7000lb and 9000lb capacity models. 
    Make sure you have the RIGHT lift to host your surf boat investment!

    Unique Geometry

    Today's surf and towboats have unique hull designs specifically designed to maximize the wake.  The CrossPoint Surf Series bunk and carrier geometry has been built to specifically cater to the unique hull shape of your surf/towboat.  The Surf Series does the best job of properly, and carefully, cradling your boat.  Bigger, Better, Stronger

    The quality and strength of the CrossPoint Surf Series framework is second to none.  We utilize more substantial aluminum tubing in construction, with significantly thicker walls.  The result of better materials, combined with electronic welds, is a significant strength yield increase. A better constructed lift, will prove to do the job of lifting and storing your boat better today, and for years to come.  
    Bigger and stronger is BETTER!!

    The Right Stuff

    The success of a design, is a sum of all parts working in concert.  The hydraulic system utilized in the Surf Series lifts pairs perfectly with the beefy frame construction.  CrossPoint's high-quality, high-pressure hydraulic pump  engages proprietary, industrial grade dual-cylinders to lift your boat effortlessly.  

    Ease in use

    All CrossPoint lifts have been designed and engineered with passion.  At CrossPoint, we USE our lifts with our families as often as we can.  This first hand feedback on our lifts, gives us the ability constantly identify opportunities to improve  our product.     Fully adjustable Gator-Bak covered bunks ensure a great fit, and will not mar the finish of your boat.  Our boat guides are fully-adjustable both width and height-wise.  Legs adjust to your lake/river bottom with ease.  Have a mucky bottom?  Check out the standard 2'x2' BigFoot feet -  they provide superior weight displacement and excellent set in all scenarios.

    Boats are getting BIGGER!!!

    Ever heard of a boat company that tells you that surf wakes will be smaller next year, due to the downsizing of their Flagship surf boat?  Haha - Industry trend shows that towboat manufacturers are rapidly moving in the direction of longer, heavier boats.  Larger boats displace more water, creating better surf wakes.  Make sure that your boat lift has at least 1500lbs of extra capacity over the dry weight of your boat.  You'll need it for fuel, equipment, friends and extra ballast.

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    • Manufacturer: CROSSPOINT SURF
    • Year: 2024
    • Status:
    • ID: 1457
  • Alexandria, Minnesota

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