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New 2023 Centurion FI25

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  • 2023 Centurion FI25 Description

    2023 Centurion Fi25 Description


    LENGTH: 25'

    BEAM: 102”

    DRAFT: 36”

    DRY WEIGHT: 5600 lbs.

    WEIGHT ON TRAILER: 7200 lbs.

    FUEL CAPACITY: 92 gal


    BALLAST: 5,600 lbs.

    ENGINE: 6.0L HO 450 hp

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    Opti V Hull

    The goal of the Opti-V Hull design, when it was released in 2018, was to continue to improve the World's best waves, wakes and ride. The Opti-V proved these improvements on the water with powerful quickly-formed waves, well-shaped symmetrical wakes, an unmatched rough water ride and a 50% improvement in fuel efficiency. The Opti-V made incredible improvements in Centurion's surf waves and wakeboard wakes. The Fi25's Opti-V Hull has the hook of the Ri Series with long triangular pads on the rear corners of the running surface. These innovations improve the running attitude of the boat to get the nose down and the entire “v” of the running surface cutting through chop, displace more water with the entire running surface for a long wave and guard the balance of the Fi25 from side-to-weight shift to produce a symmetrical wakeboard wake.

    Ballast Placement

    The Fi25 performance also benefits from 7 independently filled and drained ballast areas placed evenly throughout the boat. They combine for as much as 5600 pounds of ballast from the factory and allow for the boat to run level in the water, even when weighted to ride. This balanced running attitude also helps create better fuel economy, low noise levels in the helm and better visibility for the driver with little to no bow rise. The displacement of the entire running surface with theFi25’s unmatched ballast configuration and capacity, creates long pushy waves with a sweet surfing spectrum that extends from the face of the wave all the way back to the curl.

    Ramfill 2 Ballast

    Available RAMFILL2, or the “Baller Ballast”, as we lovingly refer to it, accounts for more than half of the Fi25’s ballast and fills in 90 seconds. This system takes the reliability of this largest, fast-filling ballast system to a new level with 2” ball valves being utilized for all four fill and drain gates. These valves are typically used for high pressure fuel systems in yachts because of their superior seal and extreme reliability. An Fi25 with RAMFILL2 offers the World's best wake surfing performance. This high-water sports performance is only rivaled by the Fi25's reliability.

    Quick Surf Pro

    The QuickSurf Pro Surf System has also been redesigned with longer blades made of solid stainless steel to create even more lift opposite the surf side. This creates more water displacement on the surf corner for an even wider range of surf wave adjustment.

    Quick Launch

    QuickLaunch System that gets the boat to wakeboarding speeds in 6 seconds. This is an amazing advantage on a competitive wakeboard course with a short approach. QuickLaunch also reduces time-to-plane considerably in a recreational setting so you can spend more time riding and less time waiting for the bow to come down.

    Pano Side By Side HD Touch Vision Dash System

    Exclusive to the Fi23 and Fi25, the PANO Side by Side HD Touch Vision Dash System by Enovation is composed of two 12” by 4” panoramic screens mounted side by side working together or independently so you can see and control everything at once. The advantage of this panoramic style dash system is the low profile dash shroud they are mounted in. This way the brow of the dash does not obstruct the driver's view of the water ahead of them.

    C 8 Steering Wheel

    Exclusive to the Fi23 and Fi25, the Corvette-styled Centurion C8 Steering Wheel gives you the perfect grip on the Fi Series' fearless innovation. The C8 Steering Wheel is specially shaped not to obstruct a Centurion Fi driver's view of the dash.

  • Product Specifications

    • Manufacturer: Centurion
    • Year: 2023
    • Status: Call for Price
    • ID: 1082
    • length: 25
    • beam: 102" (2.59 m)
    • fuel-capacity: 92 gal
    • draft: 36”
    • dry-weight: 5600
    • seating-capacity: 16
    • ballast: 5,600 lbs
    • engine-horsepower: 450
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